Course Formats



They are offered in different formats and various themes :


Intensive Weekend Format

1 or 2 days / studio setting.


Outdoor Format

3 to 5 hrs / nature setting.


Series Format

4 to 6 classes / 75 mi / per week / studio setting.


Themes  are focused on health and mobility issues, such as spine mobility, organic support, motor developmental  patterns and more.


Somarhythms also offers workshops in the arts, health, and educational communities.  The format of each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of each specific group.  The workshops can be held in your place of work.  The fees vary with the format.



Private classes in solo or with a partner have the advantage of meeting your needs in a specific time frame in accordance to your physical fitness.


Three essential keys for this process : curiosity, motivation and commitment.


Here are some cues to help you choose this option :

  • Having a specific goal in mind : a project to realize for your wellness.
  • Defining a time frame with a guided and assisted support throughout the process.
  • Choosing curiosity as a leitmotiv for your own personal development and autonomy.


Cost : $60/ an hour

Course Formats



Andrée Dumouchel